Watch the 'Looking for a Girlfriend' Guy Get an HIV Test from Comedian Jena Friedman


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Watch the 'Looking for a Girlfriend' Guy Get an HIV Test from Comedian Jena Friedman

New York flyer celebrity Dan Perino says his tremendous dong is too big for most condoms.
April 14, 2015, 6:05pm

Dan Perino has been plastering flyers around New York City for the past eight months, hoping that a black-and-white shot of his face and phone number stapled to a post would entice women of the city to date him. Apparently, it worked. When we talked to Dan last November, he told us some pretty juicy details about his newfound fame, his Coke-can dick, and the 86 women he said he'd slept with thanks to his flyer. He also said that he doesn't want "a fugly woman," and that he would much prefer "the damn models."

Recently, comedian Jena Friedman followed up with Dan to hear more about his life and get a clearer idea of the type of woman he looks for. She also had him take an HIV test, since Dan says he's been known to let the old hog loose on the highway without wearing a helmet. You know, on account of his tremendous dong and the inconvenience of having to "go to a different place to get [condoms]." Watch the interview above.

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