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The 'Twin Peaks' Revival Is Going to Be Full of Weird Musicians Who Can't Act

It's also going to have some new, big-name actors and plenty of familiar faces, so don't worry.

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The cast for the 2017 Twin Peaks revival on Showtime has been announced, and it is a long and inexplicable medley of indie rockers, 90s stars, and Michael Cera,Variety reports.

Trent Reznor, Eddie Vedder, Sky Ferreira, and Sharon Van Etten will be rubbing shoulders on set with a bizarre mish-mash of actors new to the Twin Peaks universe, like Jim Belushi, Tim Roth, Matthew Lillard, and Amanda Seyfried, as well as a bunch of returning alums like Kyle MacLachlan and Peggy Lipton, who played Norma.

The staggeringly large, 217-person cast list reads more like an invitation list to the 2007 VMAs, but at least its nice to see David Lynch bringing in some new actors to the bunch since the whole concept of seeing old cast members reprising their original roles years later sounds better in theory than practice.

David Lynch's new season, which will be brimming with cameos, is set to drop next year. Read the full cast list on Facebook and try to imagine Laura Dern in a cardigan playing the Log Lady or Michael Cera talking backwards in the Black Lodge or whatever.