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Watch Host Ben Anderson's Debrief of Our HBO Special Report, 'Fighting ISIS'

Anderson remembers his time on the front lines of the battle and what it was like to meet captured ISIS fighters face-to-face.

Last Sunday, HBO aired our new Special Report, Fighting ISIS, about the rise of the terrorist group, what is happening on the ground in Iraq today, and what the world can do to end the Islamic State's terrifying reign.

The host of our Special Report, Ben Anderson, experienced the battle against ISIS from the front lines. In this clip, Anderson looks back on his time embedded with various military factions, discuss the biggest mistakes the US has made since the Iraq war began, and talks about what it was like to get face-to-face with some captured ISIS fighters.

Watch his debrief of Fighting ISIS above and read an interview we did with Anderson about the experience. Also, be sure to tune in to the premiere of the fourth season of our Emmy-winning HBO show on Friday, February 5, at 11 PM.