Panda to Sochi: Day 1


This story is over 5 years old.


Panda to Sochi: Day 1

Day One of our road trip to Sochi starts out in Turin and has something to do with a pro biker jumping over our heads.

So finally, it really started!?

Here’s a little heads-up of my adventures:

Before even realizing it, I have been to three different places, learned more than 20 new names, had a photo shoot in Fiat’s hometown and a handsome, young pro biker jumped over my head, while I was sitting on a roof of a Panda—all that (and plenty more) in just one day.

Let me explain to you how it all started. And how a bunch of people were trying to get to through the whole of Euorpe (and even to Asia) by car. Right now, the group is made up of Stefan Lantschner, the Fiat freestyle BMX team member, who travels most of the time (like all pros) but also enjoys living in the Alps, just like Heidi and Peter once did (at least that is what he told me).


After meeting at a photo-shoot for the local press—woohoo, there is other media promoting our road movie—cojones!—we heard of a skate spot in Turin and just went there. Can you believe it, Stefan jumped over our heads, while we were chilling with Stefano Munari (the second Fiat Snow-Pro) on the roof of our Panda.


Excellent food, tasty Forrest Gump shrimps and tagliatelle made my mouth water. 10 points for the Italian style of driving! They all are very ambitious and take risks while driving, no matter what! I like that—they don’t waste time, Italians just drive! And so did Markus Keller, the other snowboard pro on Fiat's freestyle team. He drove our Panda over where Stefan had jumped before. Turin, be honest, this has never happened to you before!

Neither has anything similar happened to me but we stick to the well-known saying: All roads lead to Sochi …

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