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This Guy Wants to Start His Own Aryan Country

You know who really gets the shitty end of the stick nowadays? White people. Sure, they come out best in socioeconomic standings and suffer no persecution for the color of their skin, but they have to put up with non-white people living among them. The...

You know who really gets the shitty end of the stick nowadays? White people. Sure, they come out best in socioeconomic standings and suffer absolutely no persecution for the color of their skin, but they have to put up with non-white people living peacefully among them and going about with their lives. That's just wrong. This injustice needs to be righted before black people, Mexicans, and Asians start getting uppity and trying to buy cars, run businesses, and all of that other evil stuff.


The Northwest Front feels the same way. They claim to be a movement tired of political corruption and "the genocide of the white race" (clearly a real issue since white people are 72 percent of the US population). The group is dedicated to breaking away and forming their own all-white state in the Pacific Northwest. As far as I know, the only thing on the radio over there is Ted Nugent.

At first it seemed like a legitimate movement, but after spending some time on the site, I kept noticing the name Harold Covington on all the blog posts, podcasts, and videos. Harold, it turns out, is a writer who has released five novels set in the American Northwest's white-only future. That's when I started to realize that anyone can set up a website, write a few blogs, and record a podcast. So what if this is some bizarre marketing ploy for Covington's books? All press is good press, apparently. Even if it's for being all kinds of deluded, disgusting, and racist. I called Harold to get some answers.

A promotional poster for Harold's as yet nonexistent Aryan nation, the Northwest Front.

VICE: So Harold, was this idea of a sovereign Northwest state an invention for your novels?
Harold Covington: No, I didn’t invent the idea of Northwest migration by any means. There was a very serious move for a separate state of Jefferson in the 1940s, which was going to be taken out of California. Even back then, white people were sick of that shower of shit down in Los Angeles and Sacramento.


So what's the point of this new country? Why don't you just move to Scandinavia if you want to be surrounded by white people?
What we advocate is basically the establishment of a sovereign, independent nation in the Pacific Northwest as a homeland for all white people. Kind of like the white version of Israel. I don’t see why the Jews are the only people on Earth that get their own country and everyone else has to be diverse.

Yeah, it's so unfair. They've had such an easy time of it so far. Why do you think it’s so important for white people to have their own country?
It’s kind of like reintroducing wolves into nature. The wolves have to have a habitat, and the white man has to have a habitat. We need a piece of turf where we can raise several more generations in security and safety without all this corrupting crap that liberal democracy has produced over the past 100 years.

The first in Covington’s series of novels set in the Northwest Republic.

You talk a lot about political corruption leading to a "one-party state" in America. Do you think your state would be free from corruption? 
We'll probably have instances of corruption and incompetence, but we're only human. You've got to bear in mind that the primary purpose of the republic is to ensure racial survival, so as long as we're fulfilling our primary function, we can handle a little corruption.

Why is the Pacific Northwest the place to set up this new "ethno-state”?
Right now, we’re still pretty dominant up here demographically. It's also the kind of territory we need. It has a coastline. It has resources. We could create a separate nation here. I’m not the first person to think of this.


I had a look on your online store and you sell T-shirts with AK-47s on them. Isn’t that pretty aggressive?
Yeah, that’s the fictional seal of the Northwest Volunteer Army. That’s what the white man’s going to have to become again if we’re going to survive.

I thought the baby Onesie with the gun on it was particularly shitty.
Well, fortunately our taste is not yours, and this is something that just has to be done. The message we're trying to send is that we have to fight back. Fighting back doesn't consist of tapping on a computer keyboard or stuffing envelopes. That isn't the tactic that the enemy are using against us. If we don't stand and fight in the very literal sense of the term, we will not exist in 100 years.

Your idea seems like straight racism described as separatism.
Of course it's racism. What’s wrong with racism? It’s the purist form of patriotism.

I'm not sure that's accurate. So, if you do set up this new Aryan land, do you think other countries are going to want to trade with an overtly racist state?
In my book, Freedom Sons, I deal with the problems we would face and how I think we could overcome them. I envision that once the NW Republic is established, we’d immediately be confronted with crushing economic sanctions. I lived in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) for a few years and was actually deported on the personal orders of Ian Douglas Smith for being too racist. That is something of an accomplishment, I suppose. That was a nation that suffers from sanctions and I lived there. I know they can be beaten.


It seems like a group of people are working towards realizing this state, but it struck me that the whole thing could just be a marketing tool for your books.
The novels are one of our main propaganda tools and we try to market them and spread their message, but it's not just me. We're not some huge revolutionary movement, either, though. I’m not claiming that there are a lot of us up here. Not yet, anyway. Yes, I promote my novels, but I think that’s a legitimate political and propaganda weapon. I'm not rich by any means. I don't lead a luxurious lifestyle, nor do I particularly want to. It's true that we're a small group, but it’s not just me trying to sell my books.

So you're actively trying to set this state up?
We’re working on it. The first step is to create communities. I consider 12 good, active people in a given area to be a community. If you were to look at them closer, they’d be more like cells. I tell new migrants that it's not some huge "storming the Bastille" kind of revolution. We're not at that stage yet. We won’t be for a long time. You're coming here to make your home in the land that God and destiny have appointed to become your home.

Harold with the Northwest Republic flag.

Slaughtering all those Native Americans was pure destiny. So is the movement growing?
I’m getting more and more inquiries, and, more importantly, those inquiries are starting to lead to out-of-state license plates coming over the hill. Don’t ask me how many, because I don’t know. A lot of times I’ll send out a packet of material, touristy stuff, about the NW, and I’ll get an email saying, "Thanks." Then, a year later, I’ll get an email saying, "I’m here." I had one of those this morning. We also get a lot of natural migration, so it’s hard to know the exact numbers.


How do you know these “migrants” are coming to support your cause and not just people who happen to move to the Northwest?
A lot of people aren’t doing it for overtly racial reasons. They’ll use the right code words, like “clean air,” “good schools,” “friendly neighbors,” “economic opportunity,” and “good environment.” What they really mean, of course, is that they’re coming to get away from the niggers and the Mexicans and the politically correct crap that's devastated the rest of this country. They’re coming to get away from diversity and multiculturalism and live in a predominantly white area. They'll never admit it, but that’s why.

But if the states collapse and the time comes to "cut up the pie," as you've said before, aren't worried that all your advertising is going to attract other races? 
I don't have a crystal ball. It could happen in the kind of IRA style that I talk about in my novels. There could be some big collapse and we go into a Mad Max, road-warrior scenario, or the Chinese could invade. Anything can happen, but we have a duty to do something to secure the existence of our people and the future for white children. I don’t know what will happen with this country. Nobody does. That’s kind of a scary thing. But I know we have a duty to resist and to fight, which is what good white people do.

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