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The Woman Who Outed Prince William as Satan

Doctor Joye Pugh is an academic, a pop singer, and a Christian visionary from South Georgia. So far, her greatest contribution to humanity has been her identification of Prince William as Satan.

Doctor Joye Pugh is an academic, a pop singer, and a Christian visionary from South Georgia. So far, her greatest contribution to humanity has been her identification of Prince William as Satan. Shitty news for both Kate Middleton and for mankind, I'm sure you'll agree. Dr Joye has published a handful of books, from the warm soapy bath of Colours of Joye, to the fire, brimstone and Nazi doctor conspiracies of ANTICHRIST: The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ.


These days she expends most of her energy revealing the Satanic motives of the British Royal Family, which are quickly heralding the end of the world, as well as cutting her second album.

I interviewed Dr Joye Pugh in late 2010 while I was researching 2012 and that long-promised apocalypse. We spoke for two hours on the phone before I got exhausted and called time out. Last week, though, she sent me her new music video and it reminded me how great she is. She appears at 0.41 seconds.

So here, a little later than planned, is an interview with the charming Dr Joye. Some of this is quite complicated, so there are videos dotted through the text because visual stimulation helps education.

Dr Joye's album, Before Time Stops

Vice: Hello Doc. So, tell me how you first became interested in Biblical prophesy.
Dr Joye: I had a prophetic dream at the age of six, which made me question what the end of time would be like. So I started going to church and asking questions adults couldn’t answer that was over 40 years ago.

What was in your dream that struck you?
I was standing in a valley looking over a scene of total devastation. The sky and the earth were burning and the only thing remaining was a jagged wall behind me. As I was trying to get away from it, I saw this brightly lit figure looking at me. I moved towards it, his face was amazing.

And that was God, right?
Yes, absolutely. He turned to me and said, “You will never be alone.” He had linen sheets and a belt wrapped around his waist. My heart was pounding when I woke up. I went up to my grandmother and pleaded with her to take me to church. After that dream, I found myself being different to other children. At Sunday schools and on church days I would try to piece things together but the pastors would just try to pass it off. Then I started reading the biblical texts and Hal Lindsey’s The Late, Great Planet Earth. It was the first book I’d ever read that gave me a vision of what I’d seen. Having known that there would be an apocalypse and that someone would come back in the image of Jesus, I began looking for who the Antichrist will be.


When was this?
It was the 70s. Someone introduced me to the Turin Shroud, I broke down in tears because that was the face I saw when I was six. Then I began my quest to find out about that shroud. My mother came down with cancer around the same time. One day as I was praying for her, I heard the exact same voice saying, “Time to write the book.” I got up in tears and realised that I had been in prayer for 45-50 minutes, and then I saw that the TV was still on. A man was saying, “If anyone has a manuscript, please send it to me.” I was shaking… Later on that day, as I was taking my grandmother to town, suddenly this light came on in my mind, so I pulled over to the side of the road and I was like, “I know how the Antichrist will fool everyone, he’ll come in the image of Jesus, I’ve got some information that Hitler was doing some cloning.” At this point, information was just flooding in and I started writing my book Antichrist, The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ.

How do Hitler and his cloning come into this?
Cloning was perfected in Hitler’s time; he had access to the Turin Shroud. DNA had been pulled from the Turin Shroud. They were able to replicate it. The Antichrist would come in standing in the flesh of Jesus. Genesis tells us that the Lord puts a soul in each person’s body, but once it leaves the body it can’t be replicated in another one. According to old Talmud scriptures, there are stories of Golem in which beasts could be created without souls. Secret societies have used that information through history to create an indoctrination program to build the perfect body without a soul.


OK, so there are people out there without souls?
The very first tumour that was taken out of a woman is still alive to this day. The cancerous tumour doesn’t have a death gene. So if that flesh can exist, it can work without a soul inside. What John the Revelator used to describe this beast was the Greek word Ikon, meaning icon. Who’s the greatest “Ikon” in the world besides Jesus and Mary? This is the only way the Antichrist can draw people to him, through being an Ikon. It had to be someone with the lineage similar to Ikon’s. But, there’s not really a lineage of Jesus. Yet, there is a Merovingian lineage. Mary Magdalene had a sexual encounter with Jesus and then they had children and from that lineage there is a direct connection to the Royal Family. Pagan records say the Antichrist will be born of a virgin that would have to be 19 years old. That is Princess Diana.

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At this point you had realised that Prince William was the Antichrist.
Yes, definitely. But that was too much to reveal when no one even heard the word “clone”. So I waited. When Dolly the sheep came out, I had people calling me from all over the place asking me how I knew all this stuff. I’m no prophet; I just researched.

You’re aware that Prince William is Satan, you must be terrified, this means the end of days is nigh.
Yes. The vision I’d seen proved that I’d see this happen in my lifetime. We’re moving into a society that biblical scripture predicted. Scriptures also told that we were going to see earth-changing tornadoes and earthquakes as well as using credits and cheques instead of money.


The Bible predicted credit cards?
Yes. According to biblical scripture, all of these things will happen. You cannot buy, sell or trade. You’ll take the “mark of the beast”. According to the prophecy, there needs to be an Antichrist for all of this to happen.

Explain to me the machinations of the Royal Family and their lineage to bring back Satan.
Well it’s interesting that Diana called them “lizards”. She didn’t know the game plan, she was taken in at 19, and when you look at her in the wedding photographs, you can see the terrible sadness in her eyes.

Did she actually refer to them as lizards?
Yes, in an interview with Jane Pauley. She even tried to kill herself whilst she was pregnant with William. Charles was still involved with Camilla so why didn’t he just marry Camilla? Because Camilla was not at the suitable age for artificial insemination. She even said her wedding night was strange because Charles was reading these books on African black magic. Also, William was born on June the 21st, the summer solstice, he was born on a king star as Diana claimed. She also mentioned that Harry was not Charles’s son. They made her get Harry a blood test. They asked her, “Did the blood test prove it was Charles’s son?” she said, “It was as it should be,” but not, “Yes, they are Charles’ sons.” Once she got divorced, they lost control of her; she specifically said on TV that they were going to kill her. She also said she was going to reveal something to the world that would shock everyone.


So, how exactly are the Royal Family related to Satan?
In the Garden of Eden, Eve had a son called Cain whose father was Satan. The sons of God infiltrated Cain’s lineage and the flood came about because of that infiltration. On Noah’s Ark, two people were from the serpent lineage of Cain. Also, when you look at the architectural designs in Babylon, in Iraq, to Nimrod and his statues, he’s always depicted as half-man half-serpent. You can trace that lineage back to the mighty kings that rule the world. When Jesus came, Satan told him, “If you follow me you can take the kingdoms of this world.” To be in the ruling positions, you have to be in Satan’s lineage, to which all Royal families and presidents are related.

What is Satan’s plan? How long do we have until the end of days?
Every situation has a parallel. When Jesus was at the age of 30, he had about three years of ministering before he died on the cross. If you look at Prince William, who will turn 30 on 21 June 2012, he’s got the London Olympics and if you look at the Olympic stadium it looks like a crown of thorns. And the little roads that surround it have something to do with Jesus, angles, a carpenter and Joseph. The stadium is on a ley line, which is no different to the ley lines in the Dragon nodes, where your other major megalithic structures are like Stonehenge, the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. There all are on the same big ley lines.


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What will happen in 2012 then?
Look at the [Olympic] logo, the “2012”, there’s a 20 over the 12, a person is holding a crown and putting it on someone’s head. William is now in the limelight. He will start doing some things. It’s a set up. William is into flying and Satan’s power is very much to do with air. He goes by the name Lieutenant Dragon. He’s dragged along poor Kate. Middleton’s name has 13 letters that she goes by, similar to Mary Magdalene. Something strange is going on.

So, at the 2012 Olympics William will reveal himself as the Devil, right?
When Jesus was about to go into his ministry, John baptised him, the dove fell upon him and they heard the voice of God. In 2012 when there’s an alignment with Orion, and the Mayan calendar ends, the feathered serpent God will fall down to Earth, instead of the dove falling. This will mean the beginning of the indoctrination of the seven-year Tribulation period that Daniel spoke off.

Is that when the Devil runs the Earth for seven years before Judgment day?
Yes, that’s what is said in the Book of Daniel, when at the end of Tribulation, God would unleash his wrath upon the Earth and then there’s just major destruction. I’ve seen pictures of the valley in Megiddo over in Israel and the vastness… That’s what I saw in my dream as a child. The walls in Jerusalem were made out of the same stone I saw in my dream. Everything is waiting for the right person to take over and set the coordination of a seven year peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. England has a key role in this. When the Pope visited England, the Queen was wearing a blue dress and black gloves, which is interesting. She even bowed to him, but she didn’t have to… She knows who the real Christ is.

You’re losing me a bit. So the Pope's also part of this Serpent lineage?
The current Pope will be dead by 2011. It will be Peter the Roman and he will turn over the keys to the fake Jesus.

You said once that Satan’s motive is to get the people of Earth to fight against Jesus.
“Trumpets going off, there is a silence in heaven” – that means the Holy Spirit will stop withholding the great wrath. People who believe in God will be saved but not the tribulations because they need to know who the Antichrist is and the people who know that it’s him will be persecuted and many people will be killed. Once the last trumpets are blown that’s when The Rapture will come.

Will the trumpet be metaphorical, or will it be an updated modern version of the trumpet, or will it be a literal trumpet?
A trumpet is what I call sound, and sound waves can do certain things. If a trumpet of God rings out, the person next to you will just disappear and there will be a dead silence. You will start to see people who have the mark of the beast; they will break out in sores.

At this point I was a bit wiped out and ended the interview, maybe I’ll pick up the phone again. It’d be nice to catch up.

If you're interested, you can find out more at Dr Joye's website. Here.