This story is over 5 years old.


The Screaming Policeman of Bucharest

Behold his wordless rage.

You know how sometimes in nature, a weak animal will make loud noises to scare off a larger opponent; like a Chihuahua barking at a German Shepherd? Well this guy, filmed by Robert Chirileanu at the recent protests in Bucharest, is the Chihuahua. Surrounded by his armed buddies but not equipped himself as he leads the charge toward a gang of masked protesters, he decides to reach for the only remaining weapon in his arsenal: his voice.


Not that the police's opponents are much better. The protesters here in Bucharest seem to be getting dumber by the day. Last night their tactic was to shout about the fuckability of the gendarmes' mothers and compare parents of either sex to human feces. Then, having done everything in their power to aggravate the police, when they eventually fought back, the protesters started chanting “Stop the violence! Don’t hurt us you barbarians!” Oh, and to make sure their message of a “peaceful” protest was heard loud and clear, they also burned some poor guy's car down.