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PREMIERE: Fall Into the Warm Noise of Tim Hecker's "veil scans"

It's the 16th track from this year's stellar Adult Swim Singles Program.

Tim Hecker's most recent album, Love Streams, released in April, marked a subtle turning point for the Canadian electronic artist. The white noise and swirling feedback loops remained from his seven previous studio albums, but the tracks were punctuated by more pointed phrases, buzzing interruptions breaking through the thick layers.

His new single, "veil scans," premiering on Noisey today, takes that shift a step further; there's a softness to it, but its buried deeper beneath the mass of decaying tones. Its thin strings wail on throughout while the track grows around it. It's a piece of musical minimalism, in that sense.

It's another track from the Adult Swim Singles Series that's already brought us tracks from Earl Sweatshirt, Blanck Mass, Against Me!, and HEALTH.

Check it out below.

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