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Live Vicariously Through Solo 45 in His Video for “Higher”

Featuring: jet-skis, quad bikes, sun, and everything else your sorry ass wishes it was on right now.

You know that friend who says they're on their way even though, in reality, they haven't managed to navigate from their crusty duvet covers and into the shower yet? That's Solo 45 in his video for "Higher". Except, instead of being shy of an hour or so from the location (in his case, Barnet), he's in Ibiza.

Often, music videos focus on one central concept. Other times, they just look like a lot of fun. This is the latter. Behold: Solo 45 steaming through sun-soaked streets on a quad bike; Solo 45 flexing in the pool; Solo 45 cruising through the sea on a jet-ski; Solo 45, essentially, placing itself on everything your sorry ass wishes it could, as it stays plonked on a desk chair in some badly lit office or uncomfortable sofa. Sorry friends and readers, please, live vicariously through Solo 45 instead. Also, the track itself features JME, who is in our recent Greatest UK MCs of All Time list.

"It was around the time I stopped caring about others' opinions and trivial things and began to love life that produced this track" Solo told Noisey, over email. Watch the video below.