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This Week In Links: 4/20

Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.

On the blog this week we saw how blood, guts, and the human anatomy can be used as art, we streamed Death Grips’ new album The Money Store, discovered that bullet-ridden plexiglass can look like the cosmos, were impressed by designer Zhang Zhoujie’s furniture pieces that look like shiny robot spiders, took a look at the music-making interface of the future, and Vincent Morisset gave us some insight into interactive filmmaking. We also built an imaginary pixel apartment, found out how you can grow your own furniture, and were impressed by remix duo Soda_Jerk.


And on the web…

· Intellectual tennis: Bruce Sterling responds to our post responding to his essay on the New Aesthetic.

· Hooray for Hollywood: How the movie industry is using 3D printing in effects-laden films.

· Here’s a paint-spraying robot car doing some graffiti.

· In other robot news, DARPA unveiled a robot that can walk up stairs.

· If really expensive high-speed cameras can’t be used for filming stupid stunts like hitting eggs with baseball bats, setting fireworks off indoors, or chainsawing a Coke bottle, then there’s no point getting up in the mornings.