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Inception Experimental Music App Blends Dreams With Reality

An innovative new music app from the creators of Inception induces another level of aural consciousness.
December 13, 2010, 4:46pm

Inspired by the way music affects dreams and twists reality, several of the masterminds behind this summer’s blockbuster flick, Inception, have released a groundbreaking experimental music mobile app. Hans Zimmer (composer for Inception), Christopher Nolan (director of Inception), and RjDj (reactive music wizards) collaborated on an iPhone/iPad app that blends augmented sound sampled from your surroundings using your device’s microphone with pre-existing musical samples. The result is a very personal type of experimental music.

The free app, or Dream Machine, unlocks new experiences by mixing your acoustic reality with the soundtrack from Inception. As you progress through the app, your real-time existence affects what plays through your earbuds. Environmental factors such as walking on a busy street or sitting still in a quiet room, as well as the speed at which you’re moving, the full moon, the sun shining, etc. are all criteria that are used to determine the way the music is mixed and ultimately bring you to the next level inside the app. We’re pretty sure these tunes will induce some crazy looking dreams, which makes us wonder if this is just the latest ploy in aiding dream inception. Hmm…

If you’ve been living under a rock and missed the movie, see the trailer below.