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Lose Yourself In Concrete Spider Webs Created From The World's Tallest Skyscrapers

Photographer Ajay Malghan produces unconventional photographs of skyscrapers, bringing an Impressionist perspective to bear on high-rises in New York and Hong Kong.

Vertical Density NY

Photographer Ajay Malghan traveled the world with his camera to find unconventional inspiration and produce original depictions of skyscraper cities. The result is the series Vertical Density which began during his time in Hong Kong where the relation between population and architecture captivated him. He recently completed the series by photographing the New York urban landscape.

Vertical Density HK


His photographs have a way of playing with the viewers subconscious and their awareness of physical reality. In Vertical Density the photographs manage to pull the viewer in—the viewer gets a sense of violent claustrophobia, as well as a feeling of ethereal openness. Ajay Malghan captures this in his work due to a modern take on the Impressionist infatuation with studying the effects of light on landscapes. Along with his experimental techniques, Malghan takes landscape photography to surreal dimensions.

Malghan’s photographs are done with a film camera. By layering light onto the film, and taking multiple exposure photographs, he takes the beautiful metropolis of cities, and transforms them into quadric, geometric illusions that elevate the viewer towards the sky, as well as trapping them in a concrete spider web. Vertical Density depicts the infrastructure of Hong Kong and New York in a totally trippy way. Lose yourself in the illusion of Malghan’s visual playground.

Vertical Density HK

Vertical Density NY

All images courtesy of Ajay Malghan