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Quantum Blink Photo Series Questions Our Perception Of Time

Isabel Martinez’s double exposure photos are inspired by principles of quantum mechanics.
July 5, 2012, 3:01pm

In her photo series Quantum Blink, Isabel Martinez captures the conjunction of two moments, representing the subtlest movements by merging images in stripe-like segments.

Martinez achieves this effect by using double exposure. As the photographer explains, "Quantum Blink photos are composed of two exposures taken instants apart. The striped pattern is the result of masks placed within the camera. This feature allows me to blend two images together and at the same time keep them from fully fusing onto one another."

Martinez’s goal with this work is to approach our perception of time based on principles of quantum mechanics, according to which we have 40 conscious moments per second. However, when shooting a scene, those instants merge into one sole record. Martinez’s intention is to document the infinitesimal intervals between them.

"In my work, I attempt to articulate something in between the freezing of time that so often characterizes photography and its relentless passing. I hint towards temporalities that are fluid, speculative, and somewhat loose. I am looking for the line that divides the finite (probability) from the infinite (possibility)," says the artist about her process.

Check out the results below: