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Mastodon's New Single "Sultan's Curse" Frickin' Rips Because Duh, It's Mastodon

'Emperor of Sand' comes out March 31.

There's been something missing from music, an essence, a mood. It is the feeling of going to war and being fucking rad. Mastodon has made this type of music better than anyone for over a decade, and they're back to remind us why with "Sultan's Curse."

The first track from the sludge-prog titans' upcoming album Emperor of Sand (FYI, you know the metal album is good if its title sounds like a World of Warcraft raid boss) is a typical ripper the way only these guys can do it. Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher's guitars rumble and needle, while drumming wiz Brann Dailor… geez, that chorus. Welcome back, dudes. Listen to "Sultan's Curse" below.

Phil has used 'Iron Tusk' to get through all the tough moments in life. He's on Twitter.