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Expect Dubstep Dinosaurs And Life-Size GIFs At Reed + Rader's First UK Solo Show

Brooklyn-based digital art duo Reed + Rader announce their first UK show “Cretaceous Returns.”

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, more commonly known as Reed + Rader, haven’t really published still images in years. Instead, they make GIFs, videos, and other such forms of digital imagery. Why? Because they like the idea of technological evolution, and stills are just plain old. Their new show, “Cretaceous Returns,” at 18 Hewett Street in London, opens Thursday, November 8, and will continue to stretch the boundaries of their work.

The gallery, which is used to modestly framed prints hanging on white walls, is being transformed into a labyrinthine jungle of paper trees and projected images. On opening night, viewers will be encouraged to dance with prehistoric creatures, opening the floodgates to their primordial selves on top of a techno-jungle dance floor. But don’t worry, contradicting identity-induced crises will be averted by beer and warm wood-fired pizzas from Bosco and Bee. The GIFs will be huge, the music will be loud, there will be side-scroller video games, dinosaurs dancing to dubstep (see above) and, chances are, you will get way too involved in the action. It’s gonna be real fun.

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Photos courtesy of Reed + Rader