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That Time Jon Snow of 'Game of Thrones' Got into a Fistfight at McDonald's

In this video, Kit Harington shares the time he got beat down by burger bullies while chivalrously defending his date... at a McDonald's.
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US

If you're an avid Game of Thrones watcher (like the majority of the MUNCHIES staff), you're probably well-aware that Jon Snow has been in his fair share of, you know, scuffles. Like that time he died (before being resurrected by black magic, of course), or, in more recent memory, that little incident when he nearly suffocated under the weight of thousands of dead bodies and trampling soldiers while on the battlefield.


The dude knows his way around a sword (and, if you saw him beating the shit out of Ramsay Bolton, his own fists). Which is why the story that actor Kit Harington—who portrays Jon Snow in the HBO series—recently relayed to The Scene is so surprising and hilarious.

Not only are we forced to un-suspend our disbelief and recognize that Mr. Harington is a little on the physically smaller side, but we must also acknowledge to ourselves that he has not only been in a McDonald's, but taken a girl there on an ill-fated date.

It was there that he was heckled by some bloodthirsty (or at least trouble-thirsty) hooligans, and ended up having to throw a punch to defend his dining companion, whom one of the ruffians called "an ugly pig or something worse."

Despite realizing that he was completely outsized by his foe, "I just realized at that point that I had to throw the first punch. Otherwise I'd look like a complete wimp," Harington explains.

Watch below to hear the full story and find out what went wrong that time that the future Jon Snow ended up getting his ass beat in a fast-food restaurant.

Watch this on The Scene.

The good news: The black eye that Kit endured for standing up to this burger bully may have helped him land what is undoubtedly his most important acting role to date. Plus, it's good to know that Jon Snow is just as chivalrous in real life as he is on the series. Unless you factor in that he thought a McDonald's was an acceptable place to take a love interest.

Anyone want to go Lady and the Tramp on the longest fry in the bag? Nothing like a fistfight to get you in the mood. But for real, all hail the King of the North.