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Supplier Involved in Last Year's Deadly “Superman” Pill Outbreak Jailed for 6 Years

The pills were allegedly responsible for multiple deaths in 2015.
Courtesy of VICE

A man in the United Kingdom has been charged in connection with supplying the toxic "Superman" ecstasy pills that were linked to numerous deaths in the UK last year, the BBC reports.

VICE Investigated those deadly pink pills, pressed with the iconic super hero logo, writing that they were "some of the most dangerous pills masquerading as ecstasy known to man." The drugs' levels of PMMA, a dangerous stimulant, were so high, one of VICE's sources claimed, that whoever manufactured them was either "completely idiotic" or "taking advantage of the fact that PMA and PMMA are cheaper to source than MDMA."

29-year-old Damian Malolepszywas convicted on three charges of Class A and Class B drug possession; he will be deported back to his native country of Poland after his six years in jail.

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