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Instrumental Grime Dons Coyote Records are Set to Stage a BBC 1Xtra Takeover

The label are hooking up with Sian Anderson for a month of forward-thinking shows.
February 29, 2016, 2:47pm

Now, we usually leave grime to our friends over at Noisey because they know more about it than we do and we tried to rap along to "I Luv U" once and got the words a bit wrong and they laughed at us and said they were going to tell the Internet about it. But we know what we like and we really like UK label Coyote Records.

So when we found out that they'll be teaming up with BBC 1Xtra for a series of takeovers alongside scene doyenne Sian Anderson we were really excited. We punched the air and whooped with the delight. Noisey asked what we were so happy about. We told them. They seemed happy too. And who wouldn't be? Who wouldn't be happy to even more forward thinking club-orientated grime is making its way to airwaves across the nation? A divot, that's who.

We got in touch with Coyote boss Tomas Fraser about the news and he had this to say:

"I think getting recognition at a national radio level starts to make you realise that everything you've been doing and working really hard towards, is worthwhile and meaningful. It's never something I set out with an ambitions to achieve, especially considering how niche a lot of the Coyote material stuff is, but it is a milestone and I'm very proud - and even more so of the artists. I'm also really grateful to Sian Anderson, who I first met back in 2012 when I interviewed her in relation to an I Love Grime mix CD she'd put out with Sir Spyro on Rinse. We've both maintained a mutual respect since and worked on the odd project over the last few years, but I never really thought it'd be something we could do as a label."

Tune into the Coyote takeover on 1Xrtra every Wednesday night in March.

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