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Pro Era-Affiliate Kirk Knight Unpretentiously Wrings out the Hits on New Mix

He reminds us that great mixing involves more than digging up obscure tracks.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Brooklyn producer, rapper, and Pro Era affiliate, Kirk Knight, has shared a hit-heavy mix, titled "Buck [$]," following his October mixtape Late Knight Special. Unlike a lot of mixes we're used to hearing in the electronic-centric corners of the internet, the point here is not to play you a bunch of songs you're not "advanced" or well-connected enough to know about. Instead, you probably know a lot of these songs, and, aware of that, Kirlan Labarrie plays them with confident deftness, making it work by creating an off-the-cuff, more personal vibe, like you're right there in the room watching him fiddle with Traktor on a laptop.


"I wanted listeners to understand my musical taste through all the different angles of my creative output," said Labarrie to THUMP via email. "Mixing gives people insight on what records are buzzing in my head, or inspiring me right now." He also tells us that he's got some beat tape work on the horizon, so we're excited to see where he goes with his current production-focused mindset.

Tonight he will play a show in Brooklyn at Monday With Friends alongside DJ Mala and Kolby Turnher, at 94 Wythe Ave.

"Buck [$]" tracklist:

1. Desiigner - Panda (Gravez Remix)
2. HXNS - I'll Be Right There
3. Drake – Hype
4. Travis Scott – Uber Everywhere (Remix)
5. Yugi Boi - A-Team (Remix)
6. Young Thug – Pull Up On A Kid
7. Carnage – WDYW
8. JULiA LEWiS - Sky Be So Dark Now
9. Amir Obe - Took You Seriously
10. Kanye West – Highlights
11. Kanye West – Fade
12. Drake - One Dance
13. Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go
14. Bryson Tiller - Sorry Not Sorry (esta remix)
15. Mick Jenkins – The Artful Dodger
16. Joey Bada$ - Brooklyn's Own
17. PartyNextDoor - 647 (OG Company)

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