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Here's All The Crazy Things Your Favorite DJs Ask For On Their Riders

For the inaugural installment of Ryd Or Die, we got a bunch of artists at TBD Fest to fess up.

Ever since DJs started becoming the new rock stars, their touring riders have been getting notoriously rock-star-like, too. We all remember when a certain cake-throwing dude's own crazy rider leaked on the web, unveiling his demands for vacuum-sealed bags of boxer briefs and gluten-free pastries, right? Wherever a given artist's rider falls on the humble-to-outlandish spectrum, it's always been interesting to see what these people require to get them prepped for a show, as well as what goodies they need to properly "unwind."


In our next THUMP Short from TBD festival in Sacramento, California, we get an inside look into the riders of artists like The Glitch Mob, Cut Copy, ASTR, Holy Ghost, and more. Some wanted a professional massage. Others just yearned for some damn clean underwear.