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Watch Juliana Huxtable, UNiiQU3, BEARCAT, and SHYBOI's Sets from the Discwoman-Curated Boiler Room

Four sets of boundary-pushing bangers from Brooklyn's Good Room.
March 3, 2016, 10:15pm
Juliana Huxtable, photo by Kate Killet

Back in February, the livestreaming magnates over at Boiler Room teamed up with our favorite forward-thinking DJ collective Discwoman to celebrate Black History Month in Brooklyn's Good Room. The lineup, which per Boiler Room's website was meant to focus on "black woman talent," roped in a few of the New York metro area's finest, including Jersey Club firestarter UNiiQU3, multidisciplinary artist and thinker Juliana Huxtable, the subwoofer slayer BEARCAT, and KUNQ's SHYBOI. As the lineup suggests, it made for a night of sets as boundary-blurring as they were energetic.


But it was a Tuesday night, and however lame an excuse you may have, maybe you didn't catch it the first time around. Fear not, for today the Boiler Room folks have unleashed the archival recordings of each set, alongside an extended podcast interview with the bright young minds behind Discwoman—a chat that also happens to include THUMP's own features editor Michelle Lhooq. Listen to that over at the Boiler Room site, and check out the full sets streaming below. Yeah, you're going to want to watch them all.


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Juliana Huxtable

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