Kasbo Says He Feels “Distanced From That EDM Term”

The young producer spoke frankly on his relationship to pop and EDM.
January 7, 2017, 6:33pm

In an interview with Denver's Westword newspaper, Swedish DJ and producer Kasbo admits he doesn't connect with the EDM genre. "It sounds tacky, but I try not to think in genres. I believe the music is a product of what you listen to."

Later, he added, "I feel distanced from that 'EDM' term."

According to the paper, he prefers hip hop and indie music and incorporates elements from those genres in his compositions.

Kasbo also said he believes electronic music is dying in Sweden, with pop music taking on more influence.

"We definitely have Swedish House Mafia and Avicii… but I feel like it's kind of dying down," he told the paper.

Read Kabob's entire interview with the Westword here. In 2015, we premiered Kasbo's Umbrella Club EP.