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Stream Hieroglyphic Being's Remix of Illum Sphere's "Red Glass"

The dance-floor ready new remix dropped earlier this week.
Photo by Matthew Avignone.

Chicago-based producer and composer Hieroglyphic Being has added his unique touch to a remix of Ninja Tune label mate Illum Sphere's "Red Glass."

The new remix, which dropped on Thursday, is a propulsive, dance-floor ready edit of the original which is spacious and eerie in its production. Hieroglyphic Being's remix at times sounds unrecognizable to the original, instead opting for a steady, seductive late-night beat that immediately sounds warm and familiar.

Stream Hieroglyphic Being's remix of Illum Sphere's "Red Glass" below or purchase it here. In August, Hieroglyphic Being created an exclusive THUMP mix. Illum Sphere's new album, Glass, drops November 4.