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Jackmaster, Kloves, Scuba and Other DJs Call Out Music Industry Sexism on Twitter

There is still a lot of work to be done.
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In a series of tweets, Jackmaster set off a timely conversation about representation and prejudice facing women in the music industry.

The DJ's series of tweets were prompted by comments he heard that were, "fucking not acceptable."

Although he doesn't elaborate on what he heard ("This isn't a witch hunt" he wrote in one tweet), he did apologize for previously staying silent on the subject, writing, "It is way waaay too easy to be ignorant to the fact as a male DJ in a privileged position. There is something very wrong here."


He also tweeted at the Black Madonna, acknowledging her role in opening up conversations about prejudices toward women producers crafting music on their own. In a 2015 interview with THUMP, the Black Madonna said, "…it's important to focus on the issues that women face, even in dance culture, and to recognize the specific ways that inequality is a challenge for women in this environment."

To echo what — JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

— The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)February 5, 2017

"It's what's said and enforced my powerful males behind the scenes that is the problem," he added.

Other DJs and producers, including Scuba, chimed in. "Sexism in our scene is endemic," he wrote.

Jack is correct on this issue — Scuba (@ScubaOfficial)February 5, 2017

Sexism in our scene is endemic. We have released a lot of music by female producers on — Scuba (@ScubaOfficial)February 5, 2017

. — Kloves (@klovesyyc)February 5, 2017

— Dustin Zahn (@dustinzahn)February 5, 2017

— Mella Dee (@MellaDee_)February 5, 2017

— ((kokeshi)) (@Kokeshi__)February 5, 2017

Read the rest of Jackmaster's thoughts below.

1) Tonight was the 1st time that the plight and/or prejudice surrounding females in the music industry truly hit home and resonated with me

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

2) It is way waaay too easy to be ignorant to the fact as a male DJ in a privileged position. There is something very wrong here.

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017


3) To hear the things that I heard said about females in the industry tonight were fucking not acceptable.

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

4) I apologise for my prior ignorance and silence on the subject. That stops now.

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

Stop asking me to 'name and shame'. This isn't a witch hunt. If you think it is then you're part of the problem. Hate breeds hate.

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

My ignorant stance used to be that there was 'loads of successful female DJs doing great'.. what a prick

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017

Big men with little dicks jealous of ladies with talent, intelligence, integrity. Trying to shoot them down. Im off to bed haha

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)February 5, 2017