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We Pre-Gamed With Paper Diamond

We bought some gear, smoked Sour Diesel with Zeds Dead's dads, and hung out backstage at Terminal 5.

Last Friday Paper Diamond was in town on official business with the homies Zeds Dead and RJD2. Obviously we pestered him until he agreed to let us follow him around New York, so we sent the lovely and talented Kaitlin Parry to document it—from the pre-game to the after party. First they hit the Mishka Store with Zeds Dead because, well, all good DJs love candy-colored streetwear (never trust a DJ that doesn't own a fruity windbreaker). Then they headed over to the Commodore in Williamsburg for (arguably) the tastiest chicken and biscuits that money can buy you in North Brooklyn. After some pinball they zipped back to the tour bus for a pre-game sesh with Zeds Dead's dads involving tequila, ginger beer, and New York Sour Diesel. Then they tore down a packed Terminal 5—no small feat—and partied with RJD2 in the green room. If only all our lives were so fabulous.