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Clark Shares a Track from His Forthcoming Soundtrack for the TV Show 'The Last Panthers'

Clark's 'The Last Panthers' soundtrack will be out in March.
February 21, 2016, 7:12pm
Photo courtesy of Warp Records

As we previously reported, the experimental electronic and dance producer Clark wrote the music for The Last Panthers — the crime drama TV show now being broadcast on the English channel Sky Atlantic. Now he's released a track from the OST.

"Hide on the Treads 3" incorporates piano, glockenspiel, and Clarke's trademark electronic sound design into a sweeping and uplifting composition. We know nothing about the corresponding cinematography, but we look forward to finding out when the show makes its US debut this spring on Sundance TV.

The full soundtrack is out on March 18 via Warp. Listen to "Hide on the Treads 3" below.