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French Club to Reportedly Sue Four Patrons Hospitalized After Taking Drugs on its Premises

Lyon's Le Sucre venue intends to file a claim in order to protect its business reputation.
November 14, 2016, 10:45pm

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French club Le Sucre said it plans to take legal action against four patrons who were hospitalized after they allegedly took drugs on its premises on Friday night, Resident Advisor reports.

The four men—who were aged between 30 and 36—were taken to a local hospital and the event at the venue in Lyon, in the south east region of France, was cut short. The club now intends to file a claim against the four individuals so that their "irresponsible actions" do not harm the venue's reputation or financial viability, according to a statement made to Resident Advisor.


Although local publication Lyon Mag cited reports on Twitter of a low-quality drug being sold on site, Le Sucre denied those claims, saying that "the hospitalized persons—all of whom were in the same group—admitted taking the drug with them to the party."

All four patrons became ill after mixing synthetic drugs including GHB, with alcohol, and were taken to the hospital around 2 AM, Le Progres reported. After police intervention, the club was evacuated around 3 AM.

The event that night was organized by queer party promoters Mutante, and featured music from Rroxymore, Dorisburg, and P errine. In a post on Facebook, Rroxymore said they were not able to play because of the night's unexpected interruption.

Le Sucre and Mutante did not respond to THUMP's requests for comment by the time of publication.

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