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Employees of London Club DSTRKT Lash Out Amidst New Evidence of Racism

One person affiliated with the club has been confronted by Stormzy on Twitter.

Since we posted this story earlier today DSTRKT London have continued their attempts to defend themselves against allegations of racism in a couple of interesting ways. Their original statement suggested that Lin Mei's two friends, who were turned away last Saturday night, were in fact rejected due to the club being "fully booked." The statement also included screen grabs from Lin Mei's personal social media accounts.


In the hours following the statement's release, many people took to the comments section underneath to post screen grabs of texts and messages from DSTRKT promoters appearing to specifically reference door preferences and policies based on skin colour. DSTRKT has been systematically deleting the posts but as fast as they do, they are re-uploaded. Obviously we can't verify the legitimacy of these posts, but DSTRKT have hastily deleted all of them. A couple of examples are below.

Then, when grime MC Stormzy tweeted some screenshots similar to the ones above, describing the club as "embarrassing", a Twitter account named "Marcus DSTRKT London" responded with some attempted rebuttals. We're not sure what the account's connection to the club is at this stage, but his interactions with Stormzy don't go anyway to defending DSTRKT's name. In fact, quite the opposite.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these tweets have now been deleted. As has Marcus DSTRKT London's whole account as far as we can see.

THUMP will continue to follow this story closely.

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