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Tone of Arc Remixes Pillowtalk's "If I Try" into a Magical Pot of Love-Goo

Go make whoopie to this.

Operating as a live trio, San Francisco group, Pillowtalk, makes some of the most love-soaked music you will ever hear. It's as if someone took all the best parts of 70s soul, 80s disco, and 90s deep-house (and R&B), and threw them into a pot of magical sex-goo. It makes sense—seeing they call Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb's Crew Love collective their home base.

Their debut 2014 album, Je Ne Sais Quoi, was a melting pot of desire, with an array of sounds too diverse to label in a single breath. It's no wonder they named the album after a term that translates in French to "a pleasent quality that is hard to describe."

Now in the new year, the group is gearing up for the release of a remix EP for the album, and have chosen San Francisco's Tone of Arc, to put the remix treatment on one of the LP's most engrossing numbers, "If I Try." Tone of Arc, being an actual married couple, know a thing or two about the coupling of love and music, and have given the tune a shimmering spin that will have you searching for something, or someone, to jump on.

Pillowtalk is on Facebook 
Tone of Arc is on Facebook

Pillowtalk will be playing live in Los Angeles this Saturday at The Well along with Crew Love's Life on Planets. Head to Facebook for more info.