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Relive A Decade’s Worth of Sensation Moments

We take a trip down memory lane in this audial and visual history of Sensation.

By now, you should be well acquainted with the history of each of the five DJs set to perform at Bud Light Sensation: Into The Wild in Toronto. If you haven't, we covered each one extensively in our month-long lead up to the event. With introduction and preambles now out of the way, we can get to the real reasons why we're all going to the Rogers Centre on November 29-the music, the atmosphere, and the spectacle.


Since its inception at the turn of the millennium, Sensation events have been famous not just for hosting a plethora of notable performers-a repertoire of names that resembles a DJ Mag Top 100 list-but also for the visual splendor-think Cirque du Soleil meets Ibiza.

Those of you in attendance at last year's Sensation event in Toronto can attest to the brilliance of Eric Prydz, Fedde le Grand, and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano's performances. Sensation veterans have seen the otherworldly production values and visual experience?•but what about the rest of you? It's one thing to listen to a live recording via SoundCloud, but it's another thing altogether to witness the experience with your own two eyes. As such, we've decided to present a visual history of Sensation memories. See where it all began and get ready for where it is going-Rogers Center on November 29.

You can purchase tickets to Bud Light Sensation: Into The Wild here.

Sensation 2001

Sensation 2002

Sensation 2003

Sensation 2004

Sensation 2005

Sensation 2006

Sensation 2007

Sensation 2008

Sensation 2009

Sensation 2010

Sensation 2011

Sensation 2012

Sensation 2013 (Italy)