Vicious (But Legal) Block Springs Baylor Touchdown


This story is over 5 years old.


Vicious (But Legal) Block Springs Baylor Touchdown

Terrell Chestnut was absolutely leveled with a vicious block on Baylor's 63-yard touchdown.

Baylor took a 20-14 lead over West Virginia on this 63-yard pass from Bryce Petty to Antwan Goodley that included an absolutely brutal block to spring it. Goodley may have been able to score on the play without the bone-crunching block on Terrell Chestnut, but Corey Coleman made it a no-doubter after he completely leveled Chestnut and sent his mouthguard flying.

The play was initially called back because of a targeting penalty on the block, but even though it was gnarly, it still looked like Goodley got him shoulder-to-shoulder. Upon review, the penalty was overturned and the touchdown stood. Chestnut remained on the turf for several minutes before eventually walking off under his own power, but he will miss the rest of the game.