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Matty Matheson Gets Deep on a 1-Hour Special of MUNCHIES: The Podcast

Don't miss out as Matty dives deep on the eve of the new season of 'Dead Set on Life.'
photos by Jon Schouten

On our latest—and most intimate—episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast ever, MUNCHIES editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with our own beloved Matty Matheson, who's in a sharing mood.

You won't want to miss this episode, as Matty takes us back to his early days of drugs and debauchery, an era of Animal House-esque living that led up to his heart attack five years ago. Matty gives us an evocative look behind-the-scenes at Parts & Labour, where 48-hour, back-of-house binges were the rule. Matty describes how his drug habit got so dangerous that his own dealers began to cut him off. Finally, Matty's friends organized an intervention—and now he leads a life that he couldn't have even dreamed of back in the day.

On the eve of the new season of Dead Set on Life, we also learn how Matty's show got its Husker Dü-inspired name, what Matty loves and hates about Instagram, and what he'd cook for his grandmother if they were stranded on a desert island.

And if you've ever wondered where all the yelling comes from, you'll find that out too, and you'll learn what Matty's worst food poisoning experience was—and why he'd never complain if he got sick at a restaurant.

Tune in to the latest episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast to go where no podcast has gone before, and if you haven't done so already, subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud. Here's where you'll get the backstory to Dead Set on Life before the new season begins.