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Tell Us What You Want the Future of Your City to Look Like

Motherboard is partnering with Smart Cities NYC 17 to cover the people shaping our urban environments of today and tomorrow.

Hey, do you live in a city? Ever been to one?

If you answered "yes," to either one of those questions, we could use your input. The mostly city-dwelling team of Motherboard is partnering with Smart Cities NYC 17, a new event centered on urban design and technology taking place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard from May 3-6, 2017. And we want to hear from you about what we should cover while we're there.

The four-day-long gathering is open to the public and consists of presentations, talks, workshops, demos, and of course parties, all focused on using tech to make cities more efficient and livable. Notable speakers include some of the very people in charge of some of the world's biggest municipal organizations and tech companies, including Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver; Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam; Brenna Berman, the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Chicago; Kate Burson, Business Development at Tesla Energy; Alice Charles, Urban Development Lead at the World Economic Forum, and many more.

If you want to join us, we've scored a special 20 percent discount code for you to use. Just enter "Motherboard20" when purchasing tickets to receive 20 percent off.

And whether you can make it or not, we'd love to hear from you: What do you want us to ask the leaders of these agencies and companies about the future of cities? What do you want the future of your city to look like, and what do you want these leaders to do to make it happen?

Email your suggestions to or tweet us @motherboard. Then, follow our coverage from the Smart Cities event here on Motherboard and on social under the hashtag #SCNYC17.

And wherever you are, stay classy, San Diego.