Joe Lunardi Sets the Record Straight on Toupee Talk


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Joe Lunardi Sets the Record Straight on Toupee Talk

Joe Lunardi proves once and for all that his hair is real. Unless it's just a really good toupee.
February 28, 2015, 10:34pm

It's time to end the debate! @ESPNLunardi & @MilesSimon finish the hairpiece controversy LIVE from Bracket Bunker
— ESPN College BBall (@ESPNCBB) February 28, 2015

Joe Lunardi, ESPN's self-made Bracketologist, has weird hair. A question many have been asking recently is whether that weird hair is actually his or a Lego person's hair piece. Many folks on Twitter are convinced it's a piece and said so when he appeared on ESPN earlier today. I'm not going to embed a bunch of tweets but you can check out this search on Twitter, or this one, or this one.

Reading all of this, Lunardi felt he needed to set the record straight, so he enlisted Miles Simon to prove once and for all that that hairdo is 100 percent authentic. Unless it's just a crazy-good, crazy-glued toupee. Either way.