Sporting Life, Mall Grab and the Seven Best Things We Heard This Week

Also featuring some mighty waves from Yaleesa Hall and Mika Vainio.
April 21, 2017, 10:22am
Via Flickr.

We feature Sporting Life pretty regularly on this column, but it's hard not to when he keeps coming through with the hazy, melancholic goods (this week in tandem with Sampha). We've also been left awestruck by Kara-Lis Coverdale this week, who has turned in the stunning ambient excursion "Grafts," and Yaleesa Hall whose crunchy, avant-techno has been given a re-rub by Simo Cell and Bambounou. Bicep have released a squelchy delight from Tim Sweeney and Lauer, NTS have shared a recording of Russel Haswell's recent show at the Oto Cafe, and Mall Grab has turned in an irresistible FACT mix. Finally we've been returning to Mika Vainio's set at the Rhiz bar in Vienna from 1998. The pioneering composer and prolific collaborator died this week.

1. Sporting Life X Sampha - Plastic

2. Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts

3. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0406 (Bambounou & Simo Cell's Trance-Attitude-Mix)

4. T&P - Hail Falls

5. Russel Haswell -Live at Cafe Oto (NTS)

6. Mall Grab - FACT Mix

7.  Mika Vainio - DJ Set, Rhiz, Vienna

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