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Dinamarca's New Track Synthesizes Baile Funk and Trance

"Feel Love" is off his upcoming 'Himnos EP' on Stockholm imprint STAYCORE.
Photo by Ala Hojat.

STAYCORE co-founder Dinamarca today shared an earworming baile funk bootleg of the 1998 trance hit "I Feel Love" by Italian quartet CRW. The track is off an upcoming pack of edits called Himnos, which reinterprets club selections the producer loved as a teenager, following his all-original Holy EP from last year. "Feel Love" might be structurally simple, but it's surprsingly contagious. The track tunes its laser focus to the stickiest parts of CRW's original, as if to create a chemical reduction of its most addictive melodic turns.


The producer gave THUMP some backstory for the track over email. "This song in particular is really special for me," he said. "I first heard the original when I was 13, when my DJ-tutor at this local youth center played it but didn't want to tell me the name of it," he said. "So, me and my friends searched for tracks called 'Feel Love' on Napster for like forever, because all we had was the lyrics."

"When I finally found the song, it took even more time just to download it. I used to go back home from school every lunch break to continue my paused download, and my friends used to come with me to listen to the part of the song that was downloaded at the time. These trance songs have like the longest intros also, so we would just be there listening to the drums for so long, imagining and longing for the whole thing."

The Himnos EP will be released by STAYCORE tomorrow, April 25.

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