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A Quebec Reporter Asked About NHL Playoffs During White House Presser on Afghanistan Bombing

Canadian priorities.

There are two types of journalists : those who want to tackle the serious issues of the day, like the War on Terror, and those who know what their readers/viewers really want, which is to talk about the National Hockey League playoffs.

Richard Latendresse, a correspondent for Quebec's TVA network, knows which category he falls into. During a White House press conference to discuss the first-ever use of the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the United States' arsenal, Latendresse decided to uh, change the narrative, with a question about the start of the NHL postseason:


"Will the president cheer for the Rangers or the Caps?" Latendresse asked.

White House spokesperson Sean Spicer promptly seized the opportunity to act like a normal human being and informed TVA's inquiring mind that's really not been a subject that's come up too often at the White House.

And everyone laughed and laughed like they didn't have a care in the world and everything is fine. The end.