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'Snakedate' Is a Game About Finding Animal Love on a Tinder-Like App

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have video games?

I'm sorry it's February. I'm sorry it's almost Valentine's Day. The real world can be pretty lonely, and now even video games, where we often go to escape, remind us how difficult romance is in the age of dating apps and sexting. If you're looking for a game that's a little more upbeat, maybe something that feels just as ridiculous and arbitrary as dating is in 2016, you should probably try Snakedate.


Made for the last Ludum Dare game jam and adhering to its theme of "growing," Snakedate puts you in control of a snake who's trying to hook up with some horses with the help of a Tinder-like app called Charmr.

As you slither around the club, you'll spontaneously receive hits from interested horses, so try not to accidentally swipe left as the basic movement controls immediately become the all-powerful finger which swipes left or right, hot or not.

Once you match up, the real game begins. You must find the horse you matched with in the club to give them what they want: the sweet embrace of a snake coiling around their body. The challenge of the game is to get to each horse (they all want you, I mean, look at you, who wouldn't want you), wrap around them, and try to do so before you get a new match and are forced to ghost on the current equine. Pro-gamers/lovers should be able to successfully hook up with each horse, turning the club into one giant hug-palace.

Why snakes? Why horses? Maybe you wouldn't still be single if you didn't always question the mysterious power of love.

Snakedate can be downloaded for free off the Ludum Dare site.