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Riff Raff Eats Burgers and Gumbo While Training with Hulk Hogan

We caught up with Riff Raff on the road to see how his workouts with Hulk are going and which Versace foods (i.e. clam chowder, protein shakes) rev his engine.
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US

In the latest episode of our series FUEL, we follow rapper Riff Raff as he works towards his goal of becoming a ripped-as-hell 240-pound Neon Icon. In addition to touring for his most recent album, he's training to become a WWE wrestler with legend Hulk Hogan and needs a diet that will pack on the bulk without weighing him down for the worse. (On Twitter, he has described his signature WWE moves-to-be as "THE AQUABERRY BLAST," "THE NEON KNEE BUSTER," and "LAMBORGHiNi LEG LOCK.")


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We caught up with Riff Raff on the road via e-mail to see how his WWE workouts are working out for him and what kinds of foods rev his engine. Burgers, clam chowder, and protein shakes all made it onto the menu.

MUNCHIES: How's the training going for WWE? Riff Raff: WE ARE DOING STRENGTH TRAINING AND NOW I'M 225

What kind of tips has Hulk Hogan given you for bulking up and getting in the zone? THAT IS TOO SECRET INFO IF I TOLD Y'ALL THAT THEN I MIGHT AS WELL READ MY VERSACE DIARY TO U

How do you make time to juggle the training with touring for Neon Icon? WORK OUT 1 HOUR EVERYDAY IN A NEW CITY AND A NEW GYM

You probably grew up seeing Hulk on TV all the time, as he's an icon himself. What's it like to break down that barrier of space/time and train with someone who's been a legend for so long? ICONS SPEAK ICON LANGUAGE

What's your typical breakfast like while you're trying to bulk up? Do you drink one of those huge Starbucks drinks every day? I EAT ALOT OF FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES 4 TIMES a DAY SUMTIMES

You clearly are a lover of good food, especially seafood. What's the most Versace meal you've eaten while on this tour? I LIKE PAPPADEAUX SEAFOOD I GET A LOBSTER POT AND CLAM CHOWDER AND SEAFOOD GUMBO

Any plans to do more episodes of Fuck, That's Delicious with Action [Bronson]? You guys clearly make a great team. MR WONDERFUL



What kinds of stuff did you grow up eating in Texas? What did you eat with your family? WATER I ATE WATER

A lot of rappers and musicians come out with their own liquor brands. What would yours be? WHICHEVER ONE PAYS ME THE MOST

Congratulations on Kody Husky, the newest edition to the family. How did Kody get in the mix and how is Jody Husky adjusting to having a new brother? THEY HAVEN'T MET YET THAT WILL BE A HISTORIC MOMENT !

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