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Pedicures with Action Bronson, Hornet Booze, and All the Other Edible News You Missed This Week

Did you miss our classy brunch with the cast and crew of High Maintenance or our chat with former White House chef Walter Scheib? Grab the leftovers here.
February 6, 2015, 11:30pm

You might think that the creators of a show called High Maintenance—whose episodes trace the peregrinations of a bike-mobile weed dealer—would get down on some classic stoner snacks like sugary cereal, grilled cheese sandwiches, and entire quarts of rocky road. But as we learned this week, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld like to keep it classy, at least when it comes to hosting a brunch for their cast and crew. On this week's episode of The Dinner Bell, host Julia Ziegler-Haynes whips up a picture-perfect meal of homemade everything bagels, hot-pink beet-cured salmon, and zesty Bloody Marys. (When we spoke with Sinclair and Blichfeld, we learned that meals on set are a little more low-key, heavy on the kale chips, hummus, and, well, anything from Trader Joe's.)


As expected, our new episode of Fuck, That's Delicious was nothing less than sensational, as our trusty host Action Bronson hit Los Angeles to make Angus beef fat blunts and a dope new track exclusively for MUNCHIES, "Big League Chew." He also has a Hollywood power lunch with Simon Rex, hits the grill with chef Lee Tiernan, and gets pedicures with strongman Robert Oberst (whom you may have seen in our episode of FUEL: The 20,000-Calorie Strongman Diet). We've gotta say, this episode was pretty damn delicious.

WATCH IT: Fuck, That's Delicious - Roasted in Santa Monica

We've continued to track the insanity of scary-as-fuck ISIS: lately, photos show, the group has been stealing UN food rations and rebranding them with its own logo. Nice, guys.

File them under scary-but-potable: We learned, this week, about Japanese liquor steeped with giant wasps, and about Portland, Oregon beer that's brewed with recycled toilet water. Bottoms up! (Literally, in Portland's case.)

We also drank vodka at the end of the earth (i.e., a lone bar at an Antarctic base), learned why our very own Charlotte Kamin thinks orange-colored cheese is the devil, considered the implications of eating black-market street meat that was once stored in a man's pants, and spoke with former White House chef Walter Scheib about the tastes of POTUSes Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (who are engaged in a very serious dispute over the definition of "barbecue") and their FLOTUSes (lots and lots of hot sauce).

Come to think of it, this week was pretty weird. But at least we got to the bottom of why you and your significant other can't seem to finish your plate of tagliatelle at the same time and what Temple Grandin thinks of this whole UK halal slaughterhouse controversy.

On a more somber note, this week we bid adieu to Bill Meier, who passed away on Sunday. A pizza delivery man, former Grateful Dead roadie, and smoker of loosies, Bill was a great friend to MUNCHIES. We'll miss you, Bill: hope you're enjoying a big fatty inside those pearly gates.