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The Dinner Bell: A California Road Trip Feast with David Benjamin Sherry

Seared blade steak with pepper sauce, purple cabbage salad, and "Crackeroons" are just some of the foods that host Julia makes for her photographer friend David Benjamin Sherry.

In this episode of The Dinner Bell, Julia travels to Point Reyes, a picturesque culinary destination on the Pacific coast of Northern California, to meet her dear friend and photographer David Benjamin Sherry.

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Julia cooks David a healthy, hearty feast to send him off on a month-long photo road trip, fueling him up with dishes such as "Crackeroons"; a vibrant purple cabbage salad topped with blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts; a seared blade steak with a peppercorn, whiskey, and cream pan sauce; and strawberries with fresh whipped cream, macadamia nuts, sea salt and olive oil.

This meal—plus all of the NorCal beauty (and did we mention three-day old calves?)—makes for a very special episode of The Dinner Bell.

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