Would You Eat Swedish Blood Pudding with Me?


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Would You Eat Swedish Blood Pudding with Me?

In our latest installment of Seriously, Though, Who Is This?, our merry prankster just wants to find a chef who will share some congealed pig's blood with him.
March 20, 2015, 2:31pm

Welcome back to Seriously, Though, Who Is This?, a column by fearless contributor Xavier Aaronson, who anonymously texts strange and confusing culinary-related imagery to unsuspecting victims in order to uncover various aspects of the human psyche and the power of visual communication. Oh, and most of these strangers are usually high-quality chefs. Enjoy.

The Spanish call it morcilla and it's sliced into snacky chunks of hog's blood. The Brits call it black pudding and it looks like a greasy hockey puck. The Swedes have crowned it blodpudding and it's totally fucking terrifying.

Disguised as a dense pound cake possessed by the devil that blushes with the deepest shade of death, blodpudding is actually a congealed mold made up primarily of a batter combining pig's blood, milk, flour, fat, and sometimes beer; plus whatever seasoning piques your palate.

In the name of promoting a country's culinary tradition and celebrating convivial texting with strangers, I spent this week surprising unsuspecting food-heads with photos of Sweden's time-honored pork sludge delicacy.


A special thank you goes out to my phone number peddlers Zach S., Jaimie S., Andrew M., and Taji A. for having a taste for blood.