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How We Pissed You Off in 2015

We take a look back on our pieces that stirred up the most controversy this year, from a foie gras documentary to an anti-mojito rant.
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In 2015, there's a lot one could be upset about.With climate change worries growing, the Earth seems doomed to become a real-life embodiment of that terrible Dennis Quaid movie The Day After Tomorrow. As an election year approaches, political idiocy abounds. And Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their second child "Saint."

Even with these grave concerns looming above us, the internet tribunal still found time and energy to get quite riled up in our comments section from time to time. Here are a few of the instances where our semi-faithful readers really brought out the pitchforks and torches.


One of our most controversial posts was released in January as part of our original series The Politics of Food, which explores ethically complex and controversial topics within the food world. Ever the source of sparring, foie gras seemed worthy of a thorough examination from both sides. As a result, we somehow managed to piss off both camps that think the stuff is the devil's spread as well as diehard foie-eaters.

BZ: Staged videos, BS. I can see why that horrible man didn't want to be interviewed. This animal cruelty is disgusting but so are those pigs eating it.

deathinacan: if your against foie gras then you should be against all meat poultry and swine you cant pick and choose sides you cant hate on foie gras then go and eat a mcchicken the majority the animals we eat are fed way more then they would normally eat. a feed lot tube down throat are basically the same thing. i never had foie gras as i dont really like liver but this video makes me want to try it

Keep us posted, deathinacan!

WATCH: The Politics of Food – Foie Gras


In March, Mitch Orr—chef/owner of Sydney's acclaimed ACME—shared his thoughts with us about why spaghetti carbonara should not be drowned in heavy cream, but instead be a simple iteration of egg yolk, Pecorino Romano, guanciale, black pepper, and pasta. This, to us, seemed like somewhat practical advice presented within the setting of carbonara's long and interesting tradition. While some readers agreed with his thesis, others flew into a yolky rage.


The Atlas: Bullshit, shitty writer. Fuck off "Mitch" with your attempt at colloquial, "in your face" articles. This article is dripping with your own cum, you wanker, which I bet also doubles as your personal cream substitute

Midfield_generalakaGAB: This Mitch fella can shut the fuck up, cream in my pasta for life, call it carbonera till I die!

MsHafekasi: Jesus, what a wanker

Hey Midfield_generalakaGAB, you may want to call it "carbonara."

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If you thought people were reactive about the notion of omitting cream from their spaghetti carbonara, wait until you dive into the veritable shitstorm stirred up by mojito-lovers who were gravely offended by the idea that not everyone in the industry wants to spend 45 seconds hand-muddling mint for their cocktail. "Please don't walk into my bar and order a mojito," said bartender and drink consultant Felix Cohen. "I have no problem with a mojito—the mojito is a fantastic drink—but my problem is that it suggests that you don't want to read my menu. It's like going to an amazing restaurant and just eating burger and chips." But MUNCHIES readers couldn't stand being denied their favorite sugary rum drink, and forcefully expressed their displeasure.

Matthew Joyce: How about you stop being a condescending tool and let people order what they want to drink?

Bon van Chovée: you will make my fucking mojito and you will make it now. know your place, functionary.


Kharnivore2099: "Why you should never be a bitch about what people order in your bar", should be the next article.

Thanks for the advice, Kharnivore2099!

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On April 1 of this year,we ran a first-person piece from noted troll Scotty Smalls about indulging in a centaur-based tasting menu at a world-revered Swiss restaurant specializing in meat from the species of half-man, half-horse. His dinner companion: Drizzy. We thought this was wildly funny in the self-amusing way commonly indulged on April Fool's Day, which it happened to be, but our readers were confused and less enthused. Oh well. Better luck at having some good, clean fun on next year's day of pranksterism.

Jordan Hickey: Was this supposed to be humorous?

Guest: This is so lame its not even funny, pun intended …

Whatever, you guys.

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Hell hath no fury like a vegetarian scorned. At least, that's what we gleaned from the comments section of a MUNCHIES recent post about vegetarian diets. Here's what happened: a Carnegie Mellon University study found certain vegetables to cause significantly greater environmental damage than many forms of meat. At least, that's what the researchers argued, citing statistics such as lettuce being three times more damaging to the environment than bacon. We thought the whole thing was kind of funny, since scientific studies conflict with each other constantly and last month there was a massive brouhaha about meat being carcinogenic, but some of our readers were just really, really pissed off. They say "don't kill the messenger," but commenters tried to murder us anyway.


alumette AJ: Animals have souls as they are sentient. Would you like aliens eating your parents or your babies ? think about that ! [Ed. note: Maybe?] it goes beyond convenience and efficiency…it has to do with ethics and humanity ! you do not need to eat living creatures to survive. You can eat nuts and fruits from the trees that should be there as trees are the lungs of the planet. Wake up….fools !

franklin dylboz: So one study funded by the meat industry and your convince that plants are destroying the earth? That's idiotic.

Rudny Caetano: So 'murica now wants to say bacon is "healthier to the world" than lettuce?! HAHAHAHA I guess your obesity levels around the country must be all ok with everybody fit and stuff, so yeah, go ahead!

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Anyways, let's kiss and make up. We like you guys, and we look forward to riling you up all over again in 2016. In the meantime, we're going to continue to envision our parents being eaten by animals.