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Baron Saturday’s Downer Folk Blasted Through a Fog Machine Will Be the Best You Hear All Week

'Concrete Poetry', is a cassette of late night, lo-fi experimental recordings.

Baron Saturday is one half of Midnight Mines, a duo who formed from Black Time, the legendary London thrash band who specialised in dark, messy and agitated punk.

Just like much of Midnight Mines' material developed from live improvisations of noise experiments and deconstructed garage rock to dub jams, Baron isn't afraid to mix it up. Through guitar, tape loops, voice, organ, bass, drum machine, piano and effects he produces what has been described as downer folk meanderings taped through a fog of saturated textures.

We're not going to argue with that description.

His latest cassette Concrete Poetry is 39-minutes of fascinating and diverse late night recordings. Take a listen below with special notice on "First and Future Paradise" when things get especially odd/great/weird.

'Concrete Poetry' is available now through Midnight Mines Bandcamp or in North America through the Loki Label.