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Solange Had Her Twitter Followers Make Her a Kanye/'The Wiz' Mash Up, Because She Felt Like It

The fans willing to do your bidding are just a perk of the job of Being Solange.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Being Solange would be pretty tight. You wake up looking like an angel, your clothes all seem like they were placed on your body by cherubs, you made one of the most memorable albums of 2016, and you get to hang out with Blue Ivy literally whenever you want. In many ways, Solange's deal is a sweet one.

Another perk of the job of Being Solange is the legion of adoring fans and followers who will pretty much just do whatever you need them to. And sometimes, what you need is for them to create a "video collage" of the "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News" scene from The Wiz, set against Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreaks cut "Bad News." Sometimes you just really need that:



Obviously, because she's Solange, people were more than happy to oblige. And it seems that her curatorial skills are as on point as always, because the scene and the song fit together scarily well:

If anyone needs me I'll be watching this on loop for the rest of my life, and also attempting to build a social following large enough to have my every whim catered to.

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(Image via Solange on Instagram)