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The Art of “Shoe-Shi,” Shoe-Shaped Sushi

Chef Yujia Hu crafts raw fish kicks that look good enough to wear (and eat).
All images courtesy the artist

From a single Air Jordan covered in Swarovski crystals to a classic Nike molded into the shape of an Italian spice cake, the world is full of creative sneakerheads turning footwear into art. The newest addition to the shoe-as-art game is reverse engineering the trend by way of sushi shaped like sneakers, also known as "shoe-shi."

Sushi chef and illustrator Yujia Hu is the man behind the shoe-shaped delicacies. A sports lover and foodie, he transforms tiny strands of black seaweed nori and smooth slips of pink fish to give each rice-based shoe-shi its designer features. Each sushi shoe is athletic in style and branding, but by miniaturizing and rendering them in an innately delicate edible medium, Hu tempers the mimicry of mainstream sneaker brands with the exquisite presentation of a plate of sushi.


Take a look at a few of his inventive designs—from Air Jordans to Supreme slides—below:

Hu in the process of creating one of his tiny sushi shoes

To see more sushi works from Yujia Hu, follow him on Instagram.


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