Find Out Which Rapper is Your Astrological Soulmate
Illustration by Katherine Killeffer


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Find Out Which Rapper is Your Astrological Soulmate

​We asked one of New York's favorite astrology duos, the Saturn Sisters, to weigh in on a very pressing question: Which rapper should you date, based on astrological compatibility?

It's written in the stars: Drake is such a Scorpio, Kanye is a Gemini who claims that musicians are always Geminis, and Nicki is a Sagittarius who was born for fame. Throughout human history many cultures have looked to astrological events to explain life's mysteries.

In modern Western astrology, we look for predictions about life events and personality traits by calculating the placement of the planets at the time of birth. We ask: What kind of soul am I? Who am I supposed to become in this lifetime? Am I actually compatible with my crush? Would Drake fall in love with me, if we were to meet? What kind of sex will I have with Drake? Is Drake even going to call like he said he would? Should I hit up Future instead?


We consulted the Saturn Sisters, NYC-favorite astrologists Sherene Vismaya Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss, to weigh in on a very pressing question: Which rapper should you date, based on astrological compatibility?


You should date: Snoop Dogg
(Sun: Libra, Moon: Scorpio, Ascendent: Taurus)

Snoop Dogg's chart shows a pretty grounded personality, with his Taurus rising. Snoop's Moon in Scorpio suggests that he wants a long-term connection—emotionally—but because of his sexually spacey Mars in Aquarius, there seems to be a quality of not wanting to get too tied down. While the Scorpio side means he can get very emotionally intense, his chart shows a want overall to keep it light, while still harboring a deep connection. His chart suggests he needs a lover who is also a friend. But with all those Scorpio vibes, it looks like Snoop is attracted (probably over and over) to intense partners. (He probably has a history with Scorpios!) But it's doubtful that those more possessive connections work out.

Sagittarius, Snoop likes that you come across as fiery: You are one of the most vibrant signs and at your most dynamic when in love. Sag is the sign of philosophy and higher learning, and this is what keeps the friendship emotional connection with Snoop tight—your "pillow talk" gets real deep real quick! But what makes this really work is the non-serious nature of your sign; Sagittarians are known to be free spirits. You need a partner who can share your playful approach to life—someone who likes to travel and hates to be tied to any one thing.


Your sidepiece could be: Nicki Minaj.
Nicki is an über-Sag and is likely attracted to fellow Sagittarians. This can make for the best orgasms of your life, but you both might be too self-involved to make it something longterm.


You should date: Missy Elliot
(Sun: Cancer, Moon: Libra, Ascendant: Unknown)

A Cancer with her Moon in Libra and her Venus in Gemini, Missy Elliot needs someone who is whip smart, steady, and funny. Your moon sign indicates your core instincts, and with a Libra Moon it's likely that Missy wants someone who is strikingly good looking—but intelligent above all.

As a Cancer, Missy needs someone who is smart, dominant, authentic and unique: a true one-of-a-kind Capricorn. You are discriminating in love and can be "hard to get"—you must be wooed again and again!—but Missy's chart shows someone who doesn't compromise and can get obsessive. A Venus in Gemini, she likely loves the "player." While Capricorns can sometimes be too involved in their careers to get the ideal devotion and love they know they deserve, a fellow career-minded partner like Missy is ideal. In this connection, there can be a real loyalty and a grounded focus on building a family-unit that keeps both partners inspired.

But if this is all sounding a little too healthy, rest assured: Scorpio planets, including Neptune, lie in Missy's 8th house, making her a great match for Capricorn's Saturn-ruled dark side. There's potential for deep sexual energy between Cancer and Capricorn. And thanks to Missy's luxury-loving Saturn in Taurus, it can also be totally decadent. Think day-long role play in the world's most lavish hotel rooms.


Your sidepiece could be: Kanye West.
Mr. West has a lot of Taurus energy, which makes him think he would be good with a fellow earth sign like Capricorn. However, while the two of you could certainly have a bodily connection, Kanye's Gemini side might turn pillow talk into bickering.


You should date: [Jay-Z](Missy is sexually attracted to Capricorn's darkness because of the intense)
(Sun: Sagittarius, Moon: Libra, Ascendant: Virgo)

While he's settled down with a Virgo (a connection that makes sense), Jay-Z is likely just as compatible with the famously magnetic sign of Aquarius. Personality-wise, Jay's chart gives off "preacher" archetype vibes—it's all that spiritual-yet-fiery energy that comes from his Sagittarius Sun-sign—balanced with earth and air elements. Sexually, his chart indicates that he is likely dominant, and his Mars in brainy and offbeat Aquarius probably means he's also a little kinky. In love, Jay requires a total goddess that is deep, sexual, soulful.

Aquarius, you have what some call a "distant glamour." Though you still come across as warm, vibrant, and charming, as an air sign, Aquarius can have a detached quality. This makes a real fire sign like Jay desperate to stir you up emotionally. You are seen as one of the most independent of the signs in love: liberated, defiant, and unpredictable. With a Mars in Aquarius, Jay's chart also shows a want for independence; it's no wonder he would be attracted to the ever-elusive Aquarius. Sexually, this looks like a dynamite combination in terms of truly inventive fucking. (Fire plus air!) The focus here in on kink and the connection is a highly social fun-loving one.


Your sidepiece could be: Trina.
With four planets in Sagittarius, Trina is astrologically projected to be totally wild in bed. And lucky Aquarius can keep up mentally, coming up with more and more inventive hook-ups. As the archer, she's always on the hunt for the next adventure, but with her Venus in Scorpio she can get crazy jealous. What you do in the bedroom is likely to be the stuff of lore, but the removed air of Aquarius might irk Trina enough to move on.


You should date: Kanye West
(Sun: Gemini, Moon: Pisces, Ascendant: Cancer)

With a Venus Mars conjunction and Saturn in Leo, Kanye's chart is all over the place. Because of his Leo Saturn, the rapper is likely a sensualist and, as a lover, he is a total hedonist. His Venus Mars conjunction points to him being the type to want to lay around in bed all day, fucking and talking, talking and fucking, and eating and drinking. With his Moon in pisces, Kanye has a romantic nature. This manifests in his want of an ideal partner—more fantasy than reality.

Pisces, Kanye is likely to be completely taken in by your haunting sensuality, which is a balance of raw earthy appeal and total fantasy. Pisces have an uncanny talent for delicately handling male egos. Speaking of, Kanye's chart shows someone who is stubborn, driven, controlling, and possessive in love.

Pisces is said to be one of the more psychic signs; Kanye's chart shows an obsession with career, and your ability to see beyond social masks makes you a perfect partner to advise Kanye in his endeavors. Pisces have a real mother-healer nature in love: You sometimes can fall for partners who are somewhat emotionally stunted, and you often end up taking care of them. Kanye's Cancer rising, however, means he also has a feminine, caring nature. This connection would likely be emotionally consuming and might feel "fated"—though there is a worry that you'd both crave more dominant partners.


Your sidepiece could be: Eve.
A Scorpio with her Moon in Pisces, Eve's chart shows someone who is relationship oriented. When she falls in love, it is likely deeply and soulfully. Pisces, the connection with Eve is about emotional support and offering each other security. It's so peaceful that you might wonder if the two of you should just be friends—that might make sense but the two of you will always pine for each other!


You should date: Kendrick Lamar
(Sun: Gemini, Moon: PIsces, Ascendant: Unknown)

With both his Sun and Venus in the duplicitous sign of Gemini, Kendrick might tell you he can only do open relationships—but it's more likely that he's just convinced himself that he thrives on variety and gets bored easily. Classic Gemini. However, his chart reveals someone who can commit fully once he finds the right partner. You, Aries, could be it. Falling in love with an Aries means never lacking for excitement. Kendrick would likely be enthralled by the passionate force of an Aries in love. As a Gemini, Kendrick might be into the fact that you also require a lot of freedom, and with the right Aries this could turn into a totally exclusive and committed affair. His Pisces Moon means that he might play the martyr in the relationship, but Aries is always good at playing the boss.

The focus here is on the fiery nature of the connection. You won't bore each other in bed. Your signs are both open, eager, and ready for whatever. You can challenge each other sexually and mentally. Aries can be stubbornly persuasive, but this is likely beneficial to Gemini Kendrick. You might get into a fight about feminism, and the next thing you know he's writing songs that features your viewpoints as his own.


Your sidepiece could be: 50 Cent.
A Cancer with his moon in Gemini, 50 Cent is fickle in love. With a cluster of freedom-loving planets, he likely embodies the archetype of the "player," but the major issues in his chart are about tapping into his own feminine energy that Cancer brings. He wants a strong woman to worship but in the end, this connection will likely be about his life lessons… not yours.


You should date: Nicki Minaj
(Sun: Sagittarius, Moon: Virgo, Ascendant: Aquarius)

With freedom-loving Sagittarius dominating her chart, Nicki doesn't need to be in a relationship. The focus of her chart is all about career, fame, and success. She is passionate, confident, and has the energy and willpower it takes to achieve wild dreams; her chart shows someone who is literally born to be a star. (And it's likely that she will have a long career and will be remembered as a true icon!) Earth signs also dominate Nicki's chart, giving her a sense of grounding. It's likely that she can take or leave relationships as she has a strong sense of self.

Taurus, you are seen as one of the more "traditional" signs when it comes to love. You are devoted and protective of your partners. As an "earthy" sign, Taurus is drawn to luxury, and paired with success-oriented Minaj you two will have an affair of tastes. Together you can enjoy the pleasures of food, wine, and clothes. That said, the two of you are probably home-bodies together, which makes you both feel loved and comfortable.


Taurus is known for being sensible and down to earth. With Nicki's career-oriented chart, this connection is likely to be a practical one. It could possibly end in marriage. With all that fiery energy, Nicki needs an earth sign who can ground her and help manage her career. There might be fights about her flighty flirtatious Sag nature, but a Taurus who can give her the grounding she craves will make a ride or die out of Nicki.

Your sidepiece could be: Rick Ross.
While his sun in Aquarius makes him want to proudly wave the freak flag, Mr. Ross' chart reads more vanilla. His Moon and Venus are in conventional Capricorn. He's the one to hit up when you want to Netflix and chill. It's always a cozy romp and you get along as friends, but watch out because he might get attached!


You should date: Andre 3000
(Sun: Gemini, Moon: Capricorn, Ascendent: Unknown)

Andre's chart shows the classic player: With his Sun in Gemini and Mars and Jupiter in Aries, he's no one to get tied down, focused always on the next conquest. The big point of tension is that he has a lot of baggage with women (mommy issues!) and because he's intelligent, he wants to work out with with a partner who can go deep—but then his manic flighty side kicks in and he reminds you of his need for space. If there is any sign who can take on this ego, it's a fellow Gemini. In love, it's likely you are both searching for your own identity. The two of you will love and converse at a frenetic pace. Sexually, it gets weird, and there's probably a tendency toward group sex. This is likely to be an explosive relationship, as you bring out the most dramatic sides of each other, both of you pushing the other to really feel and express emotions. (The problem is that you both also want the space to then pull away and play it cool.) Likely, you will drive each other insane but you'll likely describe it as the most memorable affair of your lifetime—for better or worse!

Your sidepiece could be: Nelly.
A total Scorpio, Nelly wants to have sex all day. But while he's usually the type for a bunch of quickies, inventive Gemini gets him in a more twisted deep sexual space. Total combustion in the bedroom. But if you try to turn this one into a relationship there will likely be too much arguing: your lighthearted social flighty nature would likely enrage this one. A connection best kept in the bedroom!



You should date: Drake
(Sun: Scorpio, Moon: Cancer, Ascendent: Leo)

The Scorpio energy is heavy with Drake. His Sun, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury are all in a sign that's infamous for imparting those who fall under it with an intense, brooding, and sensual disposition. Famous or not, his chart indicates that he could probably seduce a woman just by making eye contact with her. And Cancer, he can't keep his eyes off you! This could likely be a highly romantic, "traditional" relationship—and that's what makes it scary. You know he's the love of your life, but your friends are worried about you. Scorpios are often described as possessive and jealous, and Drake likely craves a partner who will devote herself to him entirely. Of course, in order to keep up this level of obsession, Scorpios are adept at playing games, often running hot and then suddenly cold. But hopefully with Cancer's inclination for loyalty and nostalgia in love, this tendency will be curtailed. With a "true" Cancer, one who will offer undying loyalty to a man that makes her feel secure, that infamous Scorpio jealousy might melt away.

Sexually, the connection between Scorpio and Cancer is transcendent. The bond is almost psychic, as the two seem to know naturally just how to please each other. With Drake's Mars in Aquarius, things are likely to get pretty kinky. That Aquarius Mars might bring a long a list of sexual wants—with the expectation for you to keep up. If you are a Cancer able to tame the Mars in Aquarius tendency to stray (or one who is able to look the other way) the two of you could really make a serious relationship built on depth, security, and intimacy.


Your sidepiece could be: A$AP Rocky.
A Libra with a Cancer Moon, A$AP Rocky is very charming, and his Venus in Leo makes him the center of attention. But beneath the surface is an intense and moody disposition. There's a schism between the dominant energy that his ruling planet Mars brings and the soft "momma's boy" that his Moon in Cancer bolsters. This masculine-feminine conflict likely gets played out in relationships. He can be super attracted to Cancers, with whom he shares a feminine energy, and this can make the sex and the ensuing pillow talk so explosive that he will likely think he is in love… But keep it light, or keep your heart protected, until you are sure he's for real.


You should date: DJ Khaled
(Sun: Sagittarius, Moon: Virgo, Ascendent: Unknown)

When a Leo and a Sagittarius make a connection work, it can be one of those rare instances of a couple staying in love for the long-term. All signs point to DJ Khaled as consummate romantic—with a side of kink. With his Venus in Libra expect that he will take wining, dining, and wooing you to an almost gluttonous level. Some men are like this: they get off on romancing their conquests; this might make some signs emotionally vulnerable, but the dynamic is perfect for self-assured Leo, a sign that often feels like they are born "special." And while Khaled is likely to court you, in bed he can be wild. His Mars in duplicitous Gemini lights up the kink factor. Gemini is a sign that craves variety.

Leo, you are flamboyant, confident, and dynamic. Being self-assured, you know that you don't have to say yes to all of Khaled's whims—sexual or otherwise—which is what he likes about you. You are both fire signs, and neither is too possessive: This could definitely be a healthy and loyal relationship based on freedom, adventure, and new experiences.


Your sidepiece could be: Andre 3000.
A fling with Gemini Andre 3000 could definitely be hot. You'll immediately hit if off because you are both so flamboyant, social, and glamorous. Andre's chart, however, shows an inability to settle down and this might soon irk you. But for a minute, this could be an exciting affair based on sexual dynamism, playfulness, and partying.


You should date: Azealia Banks
(Sun: Gemini, Moon: Capricorn, Ascendent: Taurus)

With a prominent Mars in Leo, Azealia has a queen-like demeanor. She knows her worth and comes across as confident, glamorous, and maybe boisterous. She's the type of woman who attracts everyone—men and women—when she walks into a room. Yet when it comes to love, many find it hard to truly get to know her, thanks to her tender placement of Venus in Cancer. Virgos can come across as poised and reserved, but beneath the refinement is a force of sensuality. The tension in Azealia's chart—with her Sun in Gemini and her Venus in Cancer—is one about expressing sexuality while getting emotional needs met. A very sexually liberated Virgo is the perfect person for her to explore this theme. Azealia's chart has a heavy 12th house emphasis with some 8th house energy as well. These placements are known for their darkness and sexuality.

Virgo, you can't help but to keep your passion under control in public, but you're likely drawn to Azealia's brashness. In the bedroom, you have the grounding Azealia might need to explore the sexual depths her chart indicates. A true Gemini, she holds a lot of secrets, and her identity seems very changeable; emotionally, you are able to let her play the boss, but you know that she needs you.


Your sidepiece could be: Wiz Khalifa.
Fellow Virgo, Wiz Khalifa was born on a full moon. This gives him a sensitive, deep—and slightly impressionable—soul. The two of you will have plenty to talk about and will likely be home-bodies, staying in bed while engaged in a vaguely spiritual dialogue. While it will feel natural at first sleep together, the sexual connection may quickly fade—but the two of you can remain friends.


You should date: Future
(Sun: Scorpio, Moon: Gemini, Ascendent: Unknown)

The keyword of this connection is detachment. Future is a tragic Scorpio: While his Sun brings a sexual intensity and a possessiveness that craves sexual depth, his Moon in duplicitous Gemini and his Mars in free-loving Libra make him go in different directions at once. He has intense drives for both space and for security, which likely leaves him unsettled and unsure of what he wants in love. He is likely a smooth talker and needs a mate who can see past the bullshit. Your sensual Libra charms will hook Future's Scorpio energy, and he won't want to let go. They say that when you fall in love with a Libra it's like an angel has descended from heaven. No other sign knows how to play up their beauty, charm, and sexual magnetism quite like you.

With Libra, it's all nebulous moods and surface imagery. The two of you will certainly make your image together as a couple a focus. You might be really into yourselves as a couple, but likely so will others because you do look good together. While Future's problem of "wanting to have his cake and eat it too" remains, there's a possibility that this emotional tension can find a haven in Libra's distance. Libra, you like to woo and dazzle. Then once you've got them you get lazy—and act aloof—until you are ready to woo and dazzle again. Hopefully, this will spark Future's possessive Scorpio side while also catering to all of those airy freedom-loving planets.

Your sidepiece could be: Lil Wayne.
Fellow libra Lil Wayne can be easily enchanted by your polished sense of beauty. Together, there's a warmth—and a sociable, lively disposition. Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, he'll want you to be perfectly manicured, waxed, made up, and dressed up every time. He will also do the same! You'll both be able to enjoy putting on a show for each other during the new lust phase. There is a fear you two will stay too much on the surface—or you will be too alike—but your sex tape would be fire!


You should date: Lil' Kim
(Sun: Cancer, Moon: Aries, Ascendent: Unknown)

While she's a water sign like you, Scorpio, Lil' Kim's got plenty of fire in her chart, which indicates that she's looking for a strong partner. Her sign tends to be attracted to independence, but her Aries Moon means she has a need for someone who can make her a sole focus of attention in the bedroom. This is likely to attract a Scorpio who can handle the fearless sexual energy that is indicated by her Moon in Aries. Her Cancer side craves something more stable: Emotionally-in-touch Scorpio is a sign that can offer Lil' Kim both security and hot sex. Kim's Cancer Sun makes her affectionate and generous in love (maybe a little clingy?), while her Aries Moon makes her more of a flirt. This tension keeps possessive Scorpio drooling.

Your sidepiece could be: Nelly.
Looking at his chart, rapper Nelly exudes sex. His Sun, Venus, and mars are all in the intense sensual sign of Scorpio. He'll likely be attracted to a fellow Scorpio—Narcissus-like—and the two of you could have a hurricane of an affair. The sexual attraction will just keep building as the jealousy and possessiveness spiral for you both. His chart also shows a tendency for psychological unease: He's smart and emotionally all over the place. His feelings. This definitely comes out in relationship dramas. This pairing might not be sustainable, but it could lead to the best sex of your life.