G Perico Goes From an Art Gallery to His Block In New "How You Feel" Video

The South Central rapper continues with visuals from his 'All Blue' album.
May 4, 2017, 5:15pm

G Perico continues to establish himself as one of the West Coast's most intriguing newcomers. Though he's been active LA for a few years, the South Central rapper hadn't caught the eyes of a wide audience until last year's Shit Don't Stop mixtape, which has built anticipation for his new work. It hasn't even been a week since his follow up, All Blue, was released on Priority Records and it has already been met with wide praise in rap Twitter circles. "I think all around artistry, my song-making is a lot better," Perico said on the phone on the eve of All Blue dropping. "They used to hearing raw raps from me, rapping my ass off. The production is better. I'm touching on a few more topics."


In his video of the same name, the rapper, like in many of his videos and songs, gave a day-in-the-life view of South Central, LA; it's what helps make his music so palatable, bringing listeners into his world with ease. "I just feel blessed and I want to make every moment count because this is a big position," he said of being a trusted West Coast storyteller. "It's a lot of tight artists but everybody can't put you into a movie setting with their music. It's my duty as an artist from LA to represent and give people that in depth look at the current LA."

Today, we're premiering the newest video from All Blue, "How You Feel." In the video, Perico bounces from rapping into an art gallery mirror to his neighborhood, where an associate informs cops of his doings. The song sticks to his g-funk, gangsta rap origins and Perico talks about living his life fully, no matter who that might offend. Watch the video below.

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