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Get Lost in These Intricate 3D Paper Worlds

Elisa Mearelli forms a limitless downward spiral with sheets of paper.
May 7, 2017, 11:30am
All images courtesy the artist

Netted layers of paper cut into spindly bows frame a never-ending hole which opens up to another world. What began in Elisa Mearelli's Italian city as tradition turned into a studied interest in the art of paper-making. Her tiny paper works take the material of paper seriously. Paper represents a special language for Mearelli to communicate her psychological uncertainty and confusion.

The artist, whose family is directly involved in the paper business, takes her history with the medium with not a shred of flippancy. She shares with Creators, "My father works in a paper mill, so I feel I have a strong bond with this material which I consider to be much more than a common object of everyday use. For me, paper is not just a support to cover with color, but rather it is the true protagonist of [a] work of art."

Born in Fabriano, Italy, the 33-year-old artist strives to create a spiritual brightness despite the overwhelming chaos the world may present at times. Mearelli explains how the series, titled Boxes, let's light illuminate through layers and is made with layered paper, cutting sheets of paper, and oil color on acetate. Each piece fluctuates in its appearance depending on the position of the sun and the subsequent projection of shadows.

"Through the medium of paper," the artist says, "I try to create new landscapes to explore, new connections between ourselves and others and between ourselves and the world in which we live. I want to give to people a moment of lightness in a wild world."

Explore more work from Elisa Mearelli on her website, here.


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