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Danny Trejo Gets Massaged by Naked Mole Rats in Cool 3D World’s First Music Video

"Foot Massage" is the duo’s first visual treatment for their new album of original music.

A small group of anthropomorphic naked mole rats give a purple spandex-bedecked Danny Trejo the full spa treatment in the first-ever original music video from CGI artists Cool 3D World. The duo responsible for those wacky animation compilations we warned you about recently released an album of original music, and "Foot Massage" is their first visual treatment for a song from the project. Cool 3D World's sound falls somewhere between ambient and Christmas music, a fitting soundtrack for their neo-absurdist take on, well, everything. The video's Trejo lays horizontally on a massage table amongst a beautiful bed of flowers inside a glass-enclosed courtyard as a cadre of gentle rodents fan his face and massage his hands and feet in different yet strangely relaxing poses. After an encounter with a much larger rat-humanoid, Trejo awakens from his weird dream with a sigh of relief: bliss.


Watch the video below:

Get your copy of the new album on BandCamp, and check out more work by Cool 3D World on their website.


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